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Asensio prevails against Cammack in lawsuit 

Incumbent is terrified that Asensio will be on the ballot 

For several months, candidate Manuel P. Asensio has been hammering Kat Cammack for her repeated lies, her refusal to engage in an open debate, and her endorsement of political corruption.  Congresswoman Cammack was so terrified of losing the battle of ideas and losing the election that she engaged in a coordinated attempted to get Mr. Asensio removed from the ballot. 


Last month, Congresswoman Cammack and her Republican establishment cronies convinced Justin Waters to be their stooge and file a lawsuit against Mr. Asensio in the Eighth Circuit.  The lawsuit sought to disqualify Mr. Asensio based on a technicality. 


Although Mr. Asensio has no formal legal training, he represented himself in the lawsuit.  Drawing on his vast experience as Founder of the Institute of Judicial Conduct and on Wall Street fighting fraud, Mr. Asensio launched a vigorous defense of his position and successfully argued that the voters in the 3rd District deserve better than Kat Cammack. 


On July 13, Circuit Judge Monica J. Brasington agreed with Mr. Asensio and handed him a great victory against Cammack, Waters and the Republican establishment.  Judge Brasington refused to accept Congresswoman’s Cammack’s anti-democratic lawsuit and unconstitutional effort to escape accountability from the voters in the Third District.


“The genesis of my campaign against Kat Cammack is that she is a traitor to the Republican Party’s political philosophy and ideology and the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights,” said Mr. Asensio.  “This frivolous lawsuit seeking to disqualify me is a perfect example of her anti-Freedom platform.” 


Mr. Asensio stated: “Kat Cammack knows that she cannot win in a war of ideas, so she used Justin Waters to try to knock me out of the race.  But I am a fighter and refuse to be defeated by legal nonsense and absurdities.  Just as I won this legal battle against a weak and scared Kat Cammack, I will go to Washington and win the legislative battles against AOC, Nancy Pelosi and the radical Left.”

Kat Cammack has been spreading lies about Mr. Asensio for months in the 3rd District. From Ocala to Cedar Key, she has been calling Mr. Asensio a Leftist spy when it is she who is left-leaning Republican anti-Constitutionalist. Mr. Asensio was qualified by Florida’s Department of State and Division of Elections when she filed her manipulative lawsuit.

The victorious ruling means that Mr. Asensio and his ideas will be on the ballot for the August 23 Republican primary.  The voters will have a chance to remove Kat Cammack, who is an opportunist and a liar who cares more about herself than the Constitution and is clueless about the Bill of Rights.

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