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"You cannot say you love God and your country if you do not hate evil and those who do evil to America. America is not racist. America is Truth and Goodness. America is the American Revolution, Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence,  Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  America is not the conclusions of any  judge or group of judges, much less any judge or group of judges who claim to be America's chief justice."

Manuel P. Asensio​​  on Tuesday, August 20, 2024 

Put An OUTSIDER with proven skill into the leadership of the

Republican Party of Florida  


  The Republican Party of Florida's Executive Leadership needs a leader with new ideas and proven executive success in the private sector to change the GOP's federal judiciary policies that have failed miserably and will never work.

Why is Asensio suing Kat Cammack  under RICO laws?

Because Kat fabricated two bogus lawsuits against him and paid a patsy to be her cover! Because Kat is LYING to Her Voters!

Not only about who Kat is.

TRUTHFULLY IT IS about what Kat is doing TO YOU in Washington, D.C.



Click on this picture to see all six letters showing the facts.
LIE #1:  "I am a constitutional conservative"
The Truth:  Constitutionalist are conservative Anti-Establishment  in favor of the rule of law, separation of powers, due process, equal protection. Constitutional conservatives oppose the Republican establishment's appeasement policies on Judicial Corruption, Inflation, Election Integrity, the Citizenship Question, Abortion, Border Security, and Radical Extremists. Kat Cammack was hand-picked and funded by the establishment that appeases the Left. Her policies are far to the left of true conservatives and my own. Read more about this truth here.
LIE #2:  "An Obama-era program forced my family to lose our cattle ranch."

Watch Kat lie here 

The Truth: This is THREE lies wrapped into one: her mother never had a cattle ranch, her mother lost her property because she used the home like an ATM machine,  and Kat was help by Leftist Obama not harmed .  Her mother took out 8 separate mortgages on the property from 5 separate banks.  She then accepted an Obama Leftist handout but the property had been so over-leveraged -- and Kat's personal spending was so out of control -- that her family could not make the new restructured payments.  Read more about this truth here.      
LIE #3:  "I was raised on a cattle farm in Colorado."
The Truth: Kat Cammack did not grew up on a cattle ranch.  Her mother owned a small piece of land that was only 33-acres (the average cattle ranch is 400 acres) and never had a barn or facilities for raising cattle.  Her single mother had no experience ranching and did not own a ranching company or hire ranchers.  This is a blatant lie.  Read more about this truth here.      
LIE #4:  "I was Ted Yoho's trusted advisor." 
The Truth: Kat once served on Ted Yoho's Washington DC staff, but she was fired and reassigned to work in Florida for “reasons not to be disclosed.”  Ted Yoho's son Tyler explained that Kat was fired for "many reasons."  Given Kat's long history of lying to get ahead, it is not a surprise that an honorable man like Ted Yoho demoted her and refused to endorse her when she ran for Congress.  Read more about this truth here
LIE #5:  "I was homeless." 

Watch Kat lie here

The Truth: In 2009, Kat spent $30,000 to live on a luxury yacht for 108 days.  While Kat was living in the lap of luxury, her mother took out her 8th mortgage on the family home.  The banks ultimately foreclosed on the house, but Kat did not become homeless.  She moved into an apartment where the rent was $850 per month.  It was not the luxury yacht she was used to, but she never suffered from homelessness. She was a college graduate and who could afford to do what she wanted.  Read more about this truth here.    
LIE #6:  "I am the best person to lead the Republican Study Committee." 
The Truth: Kat lacks the experience and knowledge to enforce the truth and Bill of Rights - this is why I am running. This makes her useless to the Republican Study Committee as a member and unfit to be its leader. Kat has completely fabricated her backstory to hide the fact that she has no real-world experience and no ideas on how to take back America.  Kat is hiding from me and my Congressional plan of action because she is a liar without a plan.  Read more about this truth here

Kat's Lies Disqualify
Her From Holding Her Ill-Gotten High Public Office

Lying is morally and ethically equivalent to theft.  When Kat lies to her constituents, she is literally stealing the truth and  their votes from them and replacing it with a falsehood.  It is far worse than being held up at gunpoint. When a person robs you with a gun, at least everyone knows a theft has just occurred.  But when Kat lies to her constituents who trust you to tell the truth, she is taking advantage of their trust and leaving her constituents defenseless.

What kind of a person lies about her background and completely fabricates her personal history?  For any reason, much less to get herself elected to the highest government office in her district? Kat is the worst kind of politician -- a complete fraud who will say or do anything for political donations.   Her lies reveal her as a fake conservative and disqualify her from holding office.  

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