Manuel P. Asensio

Republican Congressional Candidate from Florida 

I have experienced three Communist takeovers in my lifetime: Cuba, Venezuela, and New York . Congresswoman Kat Cammack is committing treason. She is betraying your trust in her and in the Republican Party. We must expose her and kick-her-out of Congress and the Republican Party. 

We all know that the US federal government is using raw will and force against us. We know Congress is filled with politicians who care more about political power and donations than they do about your God Given natural rights.  I am a fighter who has introduced two laws that will end the use of raw will and force against the Bill of Rights, our borders, our currency - the US Dollar- and you, your children, and your children's children's private natural rights!  Click here for more information.

I am a successful Wall Street businessman who founded the Institute of Judicial Conduct, which is the nation’s only independent authority on the U.S. Judicial Conference’s administration of the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980.  I promise I will fight the left and Win for You. The war begins with my fight against Kat Cammack who is a spy for the left. She was hand-picked and funded by the RINO establishment. She lied to get into Congress.  Her policies towards the Left and inflation betray conservative values. Click here to learn about Kat Cammack.

I am running for Congress to expose the legal nonsense and political absurdities that have silently destroyed the fairest safest form of government ever created on Earth: the US Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Participate in America's Survey and see if you agree.

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Manuel P. Asensio has pledges to continue his fight to Protect President Trump against Katherine Cammack's corruption and to advocate his Two Laws that when enacted will end the use of Treason by federal government officials to enforce leftist narratives and policies against the American people.

  • Treason is the use of raw will and force against the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights - in other words, a politically- correct term used to avoid saying the word Treason. Treason is what creates political polarization -radicalization of races, sexes, secularism, immigration, sexual behavior, insane hyper-inflation and budget and trade decifits.

  • Trump's Former US Attorney General, William P. Barr,  committed Treason throughout Trump's term by controlling Trump's Take Care of Law power. He was also the central figure in Vice President Mike Pence's Treasonous certification of the electoral votes.

  • Asensio's Two Laws resolve Barr's and Pence's Treasonous conduct that ruined the constitutionality of 2020 presidential election. They conspired with the US Judicial Conference to persecuted a president for using the rhetoric and political ideology that the led the American people to vote him into office in the first place. 

Read the "Dealing with US Congresswoman Kat Cammack's Cover-Up" Sub-Section of our "Fight Corruption" Section 

Manuel P. Asensio's August 2022 Pre-Primary Election Addresses to US Congressman Ted Yoho before the  Republican Party Executives of Florida's Third Congressional District about Katherine Cammack



"Let's face the truth. The Republican Party can stop the federal government from using treason to advance the idea that America is racist, and that Marxism, Socialism, and Communism are kind and Free Market Capitalism is cruel!"

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Let's Deal Truthfully With the Citizenship Question and Federal Government Coercion Behind Woke.

Do you know how President Trump was denied his right to reinstate the Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census that only Obama had eliminated? I do. 

In July 2020, while woke rioters were disrupting the presidential election,  I published a  graphic novel based on my and my daughther's, Eva Asensio's, real-life dealings with US Attorney William P. Barr and Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.  It stars me, Eva, and President Trump.  It explains how woke policies have taken over parental rights  through fabricated national policy making in the US Federal Government. This is how President Trump's was prevented from reinstating the Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census. It shows how woke policies have demolished our Constitution's protections - the Bill of Rights!

I saw it all with my own eyes in Cuba and Venezuela, and in New York State. In New York, I proved exactly how  the US Federal government and woke state politicians  use raw will and force to coerce Good Americans!  How the Bill of Rights is replaces by government raw will and force.


"Constitutional corruption is real. The same corruption  used against a sitting US president is being used against the  Constitution, your freedom, and your natural rights." 

"It is painful to accept that both sides are in on it and that we are individually responsible for re-electing the same corrupt politicians over and over.  But we must deal with it." 

The Woke 2020 Election

"It is not about Trump.  It is about American and her Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence, Federal Papers, Constitution and MOST IMPORTANTLY the Bill of Rights." 


​There is an important truth about the 2020 Presidential Election controversy that I am seeking to bring to light and that Kat Cammack is burying.

The over fifty nationwide injunctions were entered by trial judges against President Trump's administration. They were all entered without authority,  juries or due process. The federal judges  joined forces to fabricate the order that prevented a citizenship question to be made the  2020  Census. And politicians on both sides let it happen.  


Ketanji Brown Jackson  who fabricated several of these orders and who does not believe you have any God Given natural rights and does not know the difference between boys and girls.   And Ronnie Abrams who buried the most damning information on Hunter Biden. 


I believe that this is most important constitutional issue the nation has ever faced, and that Mike Pence should never have denied Americans their right to resolve this constitutional issue in the US Congress.


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More Policies

  • Stop the underreporting of inflation 

  • Deal Truthful with the Left's Federal and Monetary Policy  

  • End the Games with Abortion

  • Protect precious life

  • Preserve your gun rights

  • End communism and woke culture strangler hold on America

  • Secure our immigration laws and borders