Manuel P. Asensio

Republican Congressional Candidate from Florida 

Why am I running for Congress

I experienced three Communist Takeovers: Cuba, Venezuela, and New York. I Had Enough. And Learned

how to Beat the Left!

Everyone knows that Congress is completely corrupt.  It is filled with politicians who care more about political donations than they do about your rights.  I am not a politician, and am a fighter who knows how to use the Bill of Rights to protect your individual rights and the Constitution - in Congress! 

I became successful in business fighting fraud and never backing down.  I promise I will fight Marxist totalitarianism and win. My opponent Kat Cammack is a liar and an opportunist. To get into Congress, she lied. She is one of those Republicans betraying her conservative constituents. Click here to read why we must get Kat Cammack out of Congress.

This is why I am running for Congress. To expose all the legal nonsense and political absurdities that have silently destroyed the fairest safest form of government ever created on Earth: the Declaration of Independence, American Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Participate in America's Survey and see if you agree.

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"I am the furthest thing from being a politician.  Together we can stop the federal government from advancing the ideas that America is racist, Marxism, Socialism, and Communism are kind and Free Market Capitalism is cruel. This starts with getting Kat Cammack who is a RINO liar out of Congress. This will will serve notice on the Leftist in the House that we have had enough and are coming for them!" 

Let's Deal Truthfully With Woke's Corruption

In July 2020, while woke rioters were disturbing the presidential election process,  I published a  graphic novel based on my real-life experiences fighting the federal government's woke created corruption. It stars my daughter, Eva Asensio, and President Trump.  It explains how federal government corruption has taken over our Constitution's protections - neutral principles, equal protection, presumption of innocence, due process, and the right to a jury of your peers. It illustrates the method used to get at your natural rights - under the false flag of equality.

I saw it all with my own eyes in Cuba and Venezuela, and in New York State. In New York I show how  corruption filters down and consumes individual liberty.  I wanted nothing more than to teach Eva Judeo-Christian values and instill a love of this incredible country. But the Leftists have infected the family courts and set up a radical feminist system where fathers are always wrong —especially conservative fathers.

"It is painful to accept that we are individually responsible for re-electing the same corrupt politicians over and over.  But we must deal with it." 


"Constitional corruption is real. The same corruption  used against a US president is being used against the  Constitution, your freedom, and your natural rights." 

The Woke 2020 Election 

"It is not about Trump. It is about America and her Continental Congress,  Declaration of Independence,  Revolution, Federalist Papers,
Constitution, and Bill of Rights."


​There is  an important truth about the 2020 Presidential Election controversy that I am seeking to bring to light and that Kat Cammack is burying.

The over fifty nationwide injunctions entered by trial judges without against President Trump's administration. These were all entered with juries or authority. The judges include Robert Katzman and Jesse Furman who joined forces to fabricate the order that prevented a citizenship question to be made the  2020  Census.  Ketanji Brown Jackson  who fabricated several orders.   And Ronnie Abrams who buried the most damning information on Hunter Biden. 


I believe that this is most important constitutional issue the nation has ever faced, and that Mike Pence should never have denied Americans their right to resolve this constitutional issue in the US Congress.



More policies:

  • Stop the underreporting of inflation 

  • Deal Truthful with the Left's Federal and Monetary Policy  

  • End the Games with Abortion

  • Protect precious life

  • Preserve your gun rights

  • End communism and "woke culture"

  • Secure our immgration law and borders

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