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Dealing with Kat Cammack's Corruption

In my Open Letters I engage Kat Cammack 's corruption directly and fellow Republican leaders who have been caught up in Cammack's wed of lies and political frauds.  Cammack's brand of unprincipled opportunism is exactly what has undermined our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and true Republican Judeo-Christian conservative ideals. 

Most importantly to voters of Florida's 3rd District, I take an irrevocable stance against Kat Cammack's suppression of freedom of speech, political expression and debate.

"My campaign seeks the truth. Voters must know who has the better policies and plan to deal with the corruption of the Constitution in the US federal government and America. An open dialogue between myself and Kat Cammack is the only way to discover who will fight back against the Left’s great lies about the Constitution and America; the Left’s political nonsense and legal absurdities; and who is soft on Leftist fiscal and monetary policies, manipulation of interest rates and hyper-inflation, election integrity and corruption." - Excerpt from Open Letter to Congressman Jim Jordan 

Open Letters to President Trump

Open Letters to Kat Cammack

Open Letters to Jim Jordan

Open Letters to Party Leadership

Open Letters to Enemies of Democracy

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