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Congresswoman Katherine Cammack Will Not Debate Anti-US Government Treason and Tyranny Act or the Eva Asensio Anti-Judicial Corruption Act 

Kat Cammack is Hiding From Debate Because She Debating These Laws Would Be Political Suicide

If Cammack Were To Debate Manuel P. Asensio On the Radicial Left's Takeover of America and The Trump Matters She Would Loss and Manuel P. Asensio Would Resolve These Matters in the next Session of Congress with his Fixit All In One-Term Only Plan. 
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To end the Marxist “equality” indoctrination behind the assault on liberty, families and parents and end invasion of the infringe woke culture, Critical Race Theory, and radicial open borders, endless budget deficits, and hyper-inflation policies in America, US Congressional candidate, Manuel P. Asensio has introduced legislation titled the Eva Asensio Anti-Judicial Corruption Act of 2023 (H.R. 1) or its sister legislation the  Anti-US  Government Treason and Tryanny Act (H.R. 2). H.R. 1 corrects the mistakes the 96th Congress made in drafting the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980. These mistakes have broken our educational institutions, economy, and government.  H.R. 2 ends the use of federal judges by leaders of federal judiciary policy on both sides to infringe on the president's executive privilge, political and executive power, and unitary power to Take Care of Law.  Click here read these laws. To read about their origins click here.

“Kat Cammack’s two-faced political hogwash and voting record cannot hide her Anti-Freedom ideology. I have repeatedly demanded that Kat Cammack address my legislation that will end the Left’s stranglehold on America. Kat Cammack is stonewalling because the Anti-Freedom Anti- Trump establishment that controls her will not allow her to endorse H.R. 1, but opposing my law is political suicide,” Mr. Asensio said.

H.R.1 closes the loopholes that allows the federal judges to illegally expand their authority over natural and civil rights. This law would prohibit judges from deliberating violating rights and liberties that neither judges nor Congress have any right to government, at all no matter what.

Mr. Asensio launched his smoking-gun campaign against Representative Kat Cammack’s unholy alliance with the Left. She is the opposite of a conservative. She was installed in Congress by the political establishment as part of a sexist political trick involving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now she has become a wannabe lifetime politician.

Kat Cammack has a history of lying to her constituents about being homeless and having run a successful business. Now she is stonewalling the Anti-Judicial Corruption Act and hiding 

her affiliation with the Left and the RINO Republican Establishment. Cammack’s ideology clashes with those of any conservative Republican.


Mr. Asensio stated: “Kat Cammack’s politics are Anti-Family and Parental Rights, Anti-Separation of Powers, Anti-Limits on Government, Anti-Border Security, Anti- Presumption of Innocence, Anti-Natural Rights, Anti-Equal Protection, Anti-Due Process, Anti-Neutral Principles, Anti-Separation of Church and State, and. This makes Kat Cammack’s ideology Anti-Rule of Law, and undemocratic and unconstitutional. Like woke, Cammack’s beliefs have no place in the United States Congress.”


By tacitly opposing and covering up Asensio’s groundbreaking legislation, Kat Cammack is violating her duty to the US Constitution and demonstrating her ideological opposition to its values, and the most basic conservative values.

Mr. Asensio is the founder of the Institute of Judicial Conduct (IJC) the nation’s only independent authority on federal judiciary policy. He formed IJC after discovering the mistakes the 96th Congress made in the Judicial Conduct Act and how the federal judges had used them to infringe on his natural and civil rights. As a result of federal judicial overreach, Mr. Asensio was not able to pass down his religious and political ideology and beliefs to his daughter, Eva Asensio. He vowed to end the federal government takeover of individual and family liberty and drafted H.R.1, to correct the mistakes the 96th Congress made in 1980.


Mr. Asensio stated, “The future of our nation depends on stopping the use of the federal judges to impose Woke world views on American citizens. Federal judges who deliberately lie and act fraudulently in court betray our Founders, the Declaration of Independence, and Constitution. We must stop these judges from cheating everyday Americans, infringing on our rights, and destroying our economy. Kat Cammack cannot do it, so I must.”

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For General Information call:   352-WINRED-1


To Talk to Mr. Asensio call:        814-ASENSIO


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