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Manuel P. Asensio fought an epic 8-year political war with Governor Andrew Cuomo over New York State's Marxist "parental rights" rules.  I learned  how Cuomo create understanding  with the  federal judges.  I learned  this was occurring under Chief Justice Roberts's nationwide "legal"  family  policy-making that he was enforcing on all Americans as the Presiding Officer of the US Judicial Conference.

Due to a mistake Congress made in its Judicial Conduct Act of 1980, Roberts is a single -point -of-power over you family's due  process rights and equal protection (presumption of innocence) rights. 


These are the circumstances that led me -- a Cuban refugee who paid his own way through the University  of Pennsylvania's Wharton School (President Trump's alma mater) and Harvard  Business School -- to understand the dynamics of constitutional power between the American presidency, the chief justice, and Congress.   

Here is a brief presentation of Manuel P. Asensio's graphic novel titled "Trump Unites All Americans! 

Manuel P. Asensio's Real Life Story about Trump, Roberts, and Barr

To honor his daughter and tell the story of how parental rights are illegally stripped from Americans by the corrupt federal judicial system, Manuel P. Asensio wrote a graphic novel that depicts the SINGLE POINT OF POWER problem facing our country and offers a solution that will restore truth  and wisdom of the  Constitution and help ALL  Americans!  

Congress's 40 year-old mistakes gave Chief Justice Roberts a loophole to create undemocratic unconstitutional power for himself to do dirty deals. 

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Manuel Asensio and His Daughter Seek to Expose Judicial Corruption 

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Exposing the Deal Between Barr and Roberts 

Roberts sees an opportunity to turn  Congress's intent upside-down and inside-out to Make Himself King

Roberts' plan relies on keeping things hidden from the President 

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 Roberts uses the loopholes in the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 for his own purposes.  The federal judges have used the mistakes made by the 96th Congress to break our educational institutions, economy, and government, and pave the way for the invasion of election fraud, woke culture, critical race theory, and open borders and defunding police policies in America.

Barr Meets a Short Seller

Former US Attorney General William P. Barr purposefully and maliciously violated Article II of the Constitution.  Specifically, Roberts and Barr interfered with Trump’s ability to Take Care of Law. 

While Barr undermined President Trump’s policy initiatives by placing artificial limitations on his executive authority, Roberts organized the Federal judiciary against Trump and instructed judges to invalidate the Presidential authority, actions, policies, and executive orders.

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Barr and Pat Cipollone, Leonard Leo, Steve Calabresi, Mike Luttig, Richard Cullen, Ed Wheelan, Greg Jacob, and John Yoo maliciously controlled President Trump and interfered with his ability to take care of law.  They convinced Trump to decline to use his inherent power to resolve the controversies in the 2020 election, and these same culprits convinced Pence to wrongfully certify the electoral votes.   They never told Trump it was Roberts who orchestrated this betrayal.

Eva and Trump Take a Walk 

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Barr acquiesced to Roberts’s fabrication of fifty nation-wide injunctions against Trump.  Barr fabricated the absurd idea that reversing Obama’s executive DACA order (removing the citizenship question from the 2010 Census) and putting the  citizenship question back on the 2020 Census was illegal because it was racist.


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Roberts and the Conference have bastardized justice to such an extent that states have dropped juries, evidence rules, codified charges with neutral principles, neutral judging, and the right to confront an accuser. This end of due process and equal protection has taken over parental rights, religion and speech, and private property, and allowed the use of absolute government power against Americans.

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Mr. Asensio has worked tirelessly to find the bad actors who are destroying our democracy. In 2016, Mr. Asensio formed the Institute of Judicial Conduct, the nation’s only independent authority on matters related to the Act.   Out of love for his child, liberty, and country, Mr. Asensio found an effective mechanism to get his issue before Congress.  President Trump can use the same mechanism.

Elect Manuel P. Asensio so he can help Trump reclaim power from Roberts 

To end the legal absurdities of woke culture, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the other political nonsense in America, Florida Congressional candidate, Manuel P. Asensio has introduced legislation H.R. 1 titled the Anti-Judicial Corruption Act of 2023. H.R. 1 corrects the mistakes Congress made in drafting the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980.  These mistakes created Roberts as the Single Point of Power and is the reason why our economy and government are broken. 


H.R.1 closes the loophole that allows the federal judges to illegally expand their authority over natural and civil rights.  This law would prohibit judges from abridging certain inalienable rights no matter what process is provided.

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