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President Donald J. Trump's court loses throughout his presidency were a result of illegimate federal judicial policies that were illegally fabricated by RINOs and the members of the US Judicial Conference working in Congress and at the Administrative Office of the US Courts.

Nothing proves this to be absolutley true more than the plain fact that Trump was prevented from execerising his unquestionable constitutional and statutory executive power to put back the citizenship question back on the census that only Obama had removed.

Obama is only president in US histrory to have ever omitted the citizenship question from the census. The US citizenship is undoubtably the most important most critical question on the census, and arguably on Earth. 

Understanding and proudly honoring the uniqueness, wisdom, and virtue of the American Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as mankind's greatest hope for liberty and protection from Communism and other forms government oppression, is the reason and purpose for being an American citizen.

Mr. One Damn Loss After Another, William P. Barr, Trump's chief of his justice department, sat idling-by and allowed a mere district court judge, a uber-wealthy liberal New York federal judge, to play discovery games with the American people's executive power.

This - lawless federal judicial rule making in Congress and at the US Judicial Confernce- is what prevented Trump from restating the citizenship question on the census and the over 50 other illegal injunctions issued by dicta and raw will and force against Trump, and what is behind the federal court's dismal failure to legitmately review any of the factual, legal, and constitutional questions raised in the post-2020 presidential election litigation, including the affects of the COVID rules on its faithfulness to the Constitution,  and what was use to cause Pence to wrongfully certify the electrol votes.

This is the resulr of treason by RINOs like Katherine Cammack who are covering up legislative actions that will end US federal government corruption at the level of the a few members of Congress making deals at the US Judicial Conference, like what was unecessarily done by VP Mike Pence when he deliberately and maliciously took the Certification of the 2020 Presidential Election into his own hands and broke the Constitution, law, and reason and truth by not complying the Electoral Commission Act of 1877 (ECA), which created a 15-member Congressional commission to settle constitutional and factual controversies and disputes concerning presidential elections. 

Kat Cammack is knowingly betraying Trump.  She is working a cover-up with the RINOs who control the party's federal judiciary policy.   All of this is being hidden from Trump by RINOs like Katherine Cammack and her cronies.  

On the other hand, I have been endorsed by the Florida Republican Assembly as an "American First & Ultra MAGA" candidate.  Trump's most ardent supporters picked me as the Congressional candidate in Florida’s Third District who best embodies Judeo-Christian values and always seeks the TRUTH.

That is why Trump's endorsement in the Third is a fraud.  Now that Kat Cammack's monstrous cover-up is out of the bag,

                         Kat Cammack's Trump Endorsement is a Fraud!  

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