President Donald J. Trump is the victim of treason by RINOs like Katherine Cammack who are covering up legislative actions that will end US federal government corruption like VP Mike Pence's Certification of the stolen 2020 Presidential Election. 

Kat Cammack is knowingly betraying Trump.  She is working a cover-up with the RINOs who control the party's federal judiciary policy.   All of this is being hidden from Trump by RINOs like Katherine Cammack and her cronies.  

On the other hand, I have been endorsed by the Florida Republican Assembly as an "American First & Ultra MAGA" candidate.  Trump's most ardent supporters picked me as the Congressional candidate in Florida’s Third District who best embodies Judeo-Christian values and always seeks the TRUTH.

That is why Trump's endorsement in the Third is a fraud.  Now that Kat Cammack's monstrous cover-up is out of the bag,
Trump Must Endorse Asensio!  

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