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The Anti-US Government Treason and Tyranny Act of 2023 and 

The Eva Asensio Anti-Judicial Corruption  Act  of 2023

Asensio's two acts end the secret associations, secret proceedings, and secret deal-making in federal government where the use raw will and force against the American people begins. The Laws resolve the political nonsense and legal absurdities that have brought
destroyed America's values, liberty, currency, budgets, and borders.  

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These two Acts end the left's destruction of free speech and liberty. They end the use of raw will and force by federal government to take control of American Citizen's unalienable natural and civil rights, which neither judges nor Congress have any right to govern — at all no matter what process they provide.

The Eva Asensio Consideration introduces the Eva Asensio Anti-Judicial Corruption Act (Eva Act) that corrects the mistakes made by Congress in 1980 in the drafting the US Judicial Conduct Act. Like the mistakes Congress made in the Rules Enabling Act, the US Judicial Conduct Act gave the presiding officer of the US Judicial Conference executive power to regulate judicial corruption. The mistakes made by Congress in the US Judicial Conduct Act on top of the mistakes made by Congress in the Rules Enacting Act have allowed the federal judges to turn law upside-down and to eliminate and expand rights through raw will and force.

The Anti-US Government Act Treason and Tyranny Act end the federal government’s power to secretly use raw will, violations of the rules of law and the doctrines of separation of powers to commit treason. They end the power of the federal government to allowed leftists to tyrannize Americans.

The Eva Asensio Anti-Judicial  Corruption Act's History

The Act's origins dates  to the November 21, 2018 filing of the nation's first natural and civil rights action by Manuel P. Asensio and his daughter, Eva Asensio, against the enforcement of US Federal Governments national policies through raw will and force.

December 19, 2019, Mr. Asensio filed a report  with  then former US Attorney  General, William P. Barr concerning his policies related to the US Federal Government national policy on the use of raw will and force.

In July 2020, Mr. Asensio organized a campaign in the Republican Party of Texas to given President Donald J. Trump official notice about Barr policies towards  The campaign was defeated at the state Republican Party's pre-convention conference.  It was  defeated by Barr's supporters including Karl Rove and other members of Republican establish.


On August 26, 2020, Mr. Asensio published the first edit of his children's story book titled “Trump Unites All Americans!” that illustrates exactly how Roberts and the Conference engage in lawless “national policy-making.”  The children's story book stars Mr. Asensio’s daughter Eva and President Trump, and features Barr as the naked  Emperor (from the “Emperor’s New Clothes” fable), and Roberts as the Wizard (from the Wizard of Oz story).

On June 21, 2021, Mr. Asensio filed a formal unified consideration with the members of the US  Judicial Conference. On November 19. 2021, Mr. Asensio launched his congressional "smoking gun" campaign against "the unholy alliance of both sides with the Radical Left  . . . [that has] made a disgraceful farce of  our Constitution . . . [and] ruin values, truth and reason and the integrity of America’s courts, borders, the 2020 census, and the 2020 presidential election." 


On April 7, 2022, Mr. Asensio filed the First Amendment  to the June 21, 2021 consideration  introducing the Eva Asensio Anti-Judicial  Corruption Act of 2023 "to abolish the unconstitutional executive power that was wrongfully provided to the presiding officer of the US Judicial Conference (Conference) by the 96th US Congress in the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 (Act) by: (1) amending the Act to obligate the presiding officer to process and verify considerations filed under the Act concerning judicial misconduct alleged to defeat civil liberties, the doctrines of separation of church and state, separation of powers, and federalism, or the powers of the office of the American presidency or Congress; (2) by amending the Act to create a special impeachment mechanism that would permit claims to proceed against the presiding officer of the Conference for conduct executed in the processing of considerations; (3) abolishing the Federal Judiciary Center (FJC) and repealing the FJC Foundation Act; and (4) eliminating the chief justice’s position as Chancellor of the Smithsonian and as a ex officio member of the Smithsonian’s Board of Regents. 

The Impact on the  Legal and Regulatory  Status of Abortion and the Constitution

Since Roe v. Wade, activist judges consistently strike down state laws defending life by referring to “penumbras” in the Ninth Amendment.  Activist judges knowingly exceed their authority under the Constitution when they engage in such blatant policymaking and substitute their own beliefs for democratically elected legislators.  Even if Roe is overturned this term, Leftist activist judges will continue to find loopholes and invent ambiguities to undermine pro-life laws and erase the gains made by pro-life groups as matter of policies created at  the US Judicial Conference and enforced in US  courts.

The Anti-Judicial Corruption Act of 2023 – creates a mechanism that allows individuals and groups to impeach activist judges and hold accountable judges who exceed their Constitutional authority by engaging in policymaking. 

Under the Anti-Corruption Act, the presiding officer and  the members of the Judicial  Conference will no longer  by  able to encourage  and protect Leftist Federal Judges to fraudulently stretch and contort facts and the Constitution to fit their whims and biases.  Unelected  lifetime Judges who ignore the intent of the Framers – and the religious and political values upon which this country was founded – will be held accountable to the American people's representatives in a public, transparent effective process.  This will benefit conservative groups fighting for parental rights, religious liberty, individual rights, states rights and free speech.


How does the Anti-Judicial Corruption Act Work

Under the existing Judicial Conduct Act of 1980, any individual can bring a judicial misconduct complaint against a sitting Federal judge in the U.S. Judicial Conference (“Conference”). 

However, judicial complaints routinely get buried in the Conference, which is made up of other the chief judges that create  policies that can only be enforced in US court  through fraudulent judicial  conduct.


The Anti-Judicial  Corruption Act requires that any misconduct consideration of a complaint that is not settled  by the Judicial Council, a committee at the Conference, the Conference , and finally the presiding officer must be transmitted to Congress and reviewed by the “Commission to Regulate Use of Judicial Raw Will and Coercion.” 

My legislation also abolishes the unconstitutional executive power wrongfully provided to the presiding officer of the Conference (the Chief Justice of the United States) that he routinely uses to protect the power of activist judges to make policy. 

Under the Anti-Judicial  Corruption Act, Federal judges will be less likely to engage in policymaking and strike down democratically enacted pro-life laws.  Federal judges who exceed their judicial authority will be subject to investigation, sanction and removal. 

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