Why am I Running Against
Kat Cammack? To Protect Your Freedom!

In the 2016 primary race, Trump vanquished 16 "all-the-same" establishment Republican Party opponents and then beat Hillary. If not for President Trump our great nation would be suffering the second term of a Hillary presidency.  Trump is a real DC-Outsider.  Kat Cammack is a real "all-the-same" politician. 

I am seeking the Republican Party's nomination in FL-3  because Kat Cammack an opportunist and a liar who cares more about herself than the Constitution and is clueless about the Bill of Rights.  I am one of Kat Cammack's fed-up conservative constituents -- so I know about what she does not know about woke.  Kat Cammack is a liar  so devoid of morality that she is a stone faced politician in hiding. Kat refuses refuses debate  abortion or my legislation that corrects the mistakes Congress made in 1980 that underlie woke corruption:  the Anti-Judicial Corruption Act of 2023.

Kat Cammack simply does not comprehend the serious danger that underlie the Left's radical project 1619,  critical race theory, and Black Lives Matters.  Kat Cammack is  a RINO funded opportunist who cannot even deal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


I have blasted Kat Cammack for not being legitimate Trump endorsee.  See my Open Letter President Trump here. 

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Kat Opposes Asensio's Legislation to Deal with Woke 

I have repeatedly demanded that Kat Cammack to address the critical issue of woke's influence in Congress and she has refused. 

To end the Left’s “equality” indoctrination that is behind the assault on the Constitution, I have introduced legislation titled the Anti-Judicial Corruption Act of 2023 (H.R. 1). H.R. 1 corrects the mistakes the 96th Congress made in their drafting of the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 that caused it to fail. The federal government has used the 96th Congress’s mistakes to appease the left.


Kat opposes Asensio' s "Eva Asensio Anti-Corruption Act of 2023" and does not know or comprehend the complexities of "national policy-making" in the federal government.  Read more about how Kat is avoiding this critical issue here.

The Radical Feminist Story  of AOC  & Kat Cammack

AOC was created by Critical Race Theory advocates and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization. They created her to advance their Leftist-Marxist corruption that is far more dangerous than any previously existing corruption.  Kat Cammack was created by the SAME group. 

Kat Cammack got her start out of the sexist scheme AOC fabricated based on AOC's false story that former FL-3  Congressman Ted Yoho called her a “F**king Bitch" The  AOC lie was  meant to distract the public from AOC's support of the BLM and Antifa looting that occurred during the  2020 election.  This paved the way for Kat Cammack.  McCarthy joined with Nancy Pelosi to threatened Congressman Ted Yoho and  force former to apologize, and Kat Cammack ran in the next election with money from the "establishment" to buy votes.  


Kat Cammack is a Liar 

I am a short seller who made a lot of money on Wall Street while exposing 52 different corporate frauds.  I never hide from my past or make up stories about my background.  Kat Cammack hides and lies and hopes we never find out.  But anyone who knows Kat Cammack knows she is a liar. 

Kat's favorite lie is that she was "homeless."  Its a fraud.  Shortly after her family's land was purchased for a huge fee,  Kat was floating around the world in a Yacht as part of a very expensive college program called "Semester At Sea."  

Kat doesn't like to talk about what happened in Ted Yoho's office when she was a staff member, and that's because she was fired.  She couldn't even handle being Ted Yoho's assistant, so its no surprise she can't be truthfully about the "Eva Asensio Anti-Judicial Corruption Act of 2023  or  be a real Congresswoman.


Manuel P. Asensio can Help Lead Republicans in the  fight against the Corruption 

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I have exposed why federal judges have not been faithful to the Constitution on issues such as  American's natural and civil rights, abortion, the 2020 presidential election, and the legal and regulatory status of President Donald J. Trump’s Take care of Law authority during his term and in the post-election litigation.  rights and abortion nationwide; and