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The three men at the highest levels of government responsible for the integrity and certification of the 2020 presidential election.

Former US Court of Appeal judge,  J. Michael Luttig.  the retired judge who wrote the tweets that Vice President Mike Pence  used as his only authority to wrongfully certify the 2020 Presidential Electoral votes. Pence refused to refer the certificat to a Congressional Committee in accordance to  the Electoral Commission Act of 1877. 


The backstory is that Luttig claims that President Trump offered him and William P. Barr the job to be his head of the Department of Justice at the same time and that Luttig claims that he and Barr were hesitant about taking the job but decided among themselves that Barr would take the job. Watch the two excerpts where Luttig tells his story during a media road show where he called President Trump a bragged about being smart enough to turn down the President Trump's job offer and openly exhibits  contempt for Trump and civil discourse concerning the integrity of the 2020 Presidential Election.  

Manuel has personal knowledge related to Barr's policies that regulated the way he handled the 50 lawless statewide injunctions against President Trump by district court judges, including the reinstatement of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census. He witnessed how Barr operated throughout the Trump Administration in his own dealings with him.  He has written a graph novel titled “Trump Unites ALL Americans!"  that tells the story of his dealings with Barr and Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.  In essence, it is the same story of how Barr and Roberts worked against  Trump through out his administration and his re-election campaign. 

The graphic novel depicts Barr as the humbug pretending to be that "Wizard of Oz" and Roberts as the pretentiousness, pompous Emperor, in the fable "The Emperor's New Clothes." The Naked Emperor has become a standard metaphor for anything that smacks of hypocrisy, collective denial, and hollow ostentatiousness.  President Trump, Mr. Asensio, and his daughter, Eva Asensio, appear as themselves. 

Over 39 percent of all Americans and 77 percent of Republican voters believe the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged. However, few understand how the election was certified without any of the evidence being heard and resolved in the courts or Congress, and what must be done to prevent it from happening again. 

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I am the nation’s pioneer in information arbitrage and founder of the Institute of Judicial Conduct, the nation’s foremost independent authority on the laws governing the federal judiciary’s conduct. I know the truth about the 2020 election, and I’m running for Congress to speak that truth and solve this problem. 

Americans have good reason to be skeptical of the 2020 election results. These reasons include lax enforcement or violations of election laws and controls, fraudulent votes and ballot stuffing, and corruption of voting mechanisms. However, this is not the place to fully identify and examine every legitimate concern and allegation; it is a place to show how the election was stolen at the highest levels of government. I believe the power to conduct a full investigation and verify the results was placed in the wrong hands, and that the wrong people decided to allow a rigged election to stand.

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Chief Justice John Roberts single-handedly controls the nation’s US Judicial Conference. This is where he should, but doesn’t, regulate the Leftist judges that are fabricating the lunacies that we are all experiencing. Instead, he used the Judicial Conference to let leftist federal judges take it themselves to dismiss lawsuits, without due process, which would have exposed the irregularities and inconsistencies in the election. None of the controversies or evidence was ever heard in the nation’s federal trial courts before American jurors. The 2020 election was not the first time Roberts let the trial courts use legal shenanigans to frustrate President Trump.  On the immigration issue, Roberts allowed a group of leftist federal trial judges to issue over 50 lawless nationwide injunctions against Trump’s plan to secure the nation's borders. 

At the trial and appeal level it was Roberts who authorized the notion that federal judges had a right to order an psychologic examination on Trump's reasons for putting a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, which only Obama had removed. In the General Michael Flynn case, Roberts allowed a federal trial judge to hire his own lawyer to challenge the prosecution’s decision to drop charges that were based on the evidence that had been fabricated by the Obama administration. Roberts is out of control and allowed leftist judges who played a leading role in “the Resistance” to run amok with the election controversy. We need to strip Roberts and all other future chief justices of the US Supreme Court of the opportunity to use the Judicial Conference to rubber stamp fraudulent federal judicial conduct. Roberts led the Resistance and the dismissal of all the controversies in the 2020 election as an executive, not a judge.

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Second, Attorney General William P. Barr betrayed President Trump. Barr came forward and declared there had been no fraud in the 2020 election, just at the time the president was making his case to the American people that the election had been stolen. Barr’s betrayal came on December 1, when he told the press there was no evidence of widespread election fraud. Barr did nothing to protect from Roberts’s use Leftist judges to assault the Office of the American Presidency and then usurped the president’s take care of law power to betrayed his president and his country. 

Finally, Mike Pence failed in his duty to the Constitution. Pence knew that that challenges to the election existed that provided sufficient grounds to decline to certify the slate of electors from those states. Pence knew that there were historical preferences for settling election controversies in Congress instead of the courts.  He knew that 11 Senators had rejected the electors for the disputed states and were advocating that Congress appoint an Electoral Commission to resolve the claims of serious election fraud that the Supreme Court failed to address. (2).jpg

But, on January 6, Pence decided his loyalties lay elsewhere, and he was unfaithful to his president, the Office of the American Presidency, and the Constitution. Pence usurped the president’s sole power to “take care” of law and certified the election despite the Supreme Court and Congress' refuse to hear and resolve the evidence . To make sure such a travesty never happens again, the record must show vice president’s wrongful conduct in certifying the electors.

Further, we must modify the vice president’s certification power to prevent a vice president from joining with a judiciary that fails to try the facts and an attorney general that refuses to investigate election irregularities in direct opposition to the president’s discretion.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this comic book story and I hope that all Americans come together for our children's sake and to reverse Mr. Pence's certification, then to do things right. We must also, at all cost, end the illegally fabricated policies by the federal judges that block our parental rights NOW.

I am running for Congress to deal with these truths and others, to set the record straight, and to make the fixes necessary to ensure that the Leftists do not steal the 2024 presidential election and with it our American Liberties and Freedoms.

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