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First: Inflation – Congress must regulate the legal status of the federal government’s practice of reporting false inflation and Gross National Product growth statistics, its ZERO or negative interest rate policy, and its practice of funding the federal government and manipulating interest rates with printed US dollars. These are Marxist government practices.

Second: Political Extremism – Congress must regulate the use of violations of the rule of law to appease political extremists. Political extremists hold beliefs that violate the Constitution and are prejudicial to Americans who have violated no law or caused no harm to any other person’s rights. Government can regulate matters by only neutral principles. Extreme political matters (like abortion) do not conform to any neutral principles. Therefore, government cannot regulate these matters, regardless of the process government provides, without using raw will and force.

Third: Open Borders – Congress must reinstate the citizenship question on the US Census and decide on the constitutionality of the federal judges open border policies. The federal judiciary created its open borders policies through raw will and force that they used to block President Trump’s decision to the reinstatement a citizenship question on the 2020 census in Congress.

Fourth: Election Integrity – Congress must end the federal judiciary interference with presidential elections, rescind former Vice President Mike Pence’s certification of the 2020 presidential election, and decide on the constitutionality of the over fifty nationwide injunctions issued by the lowest- level federal judges against President Trump.

Fifth: Marxist Indoctrination – Congress must regulate the legal status of educational institutions engaged in indoctrinating students with the belief that socialism, Marxism, and communism are not evil forms of government, do not lead to dictatorships, and are compassionate forms of government. Marxism is unconstitutional, and Marxist policies violate the fundamental principles, values, and premises of the Declaration of Independence, the purpose of the American Revolution, and the Judeo–Christian and historical wisdom the Founding Fathers used to create American government.

Sixth: Political Polarization – The use of raw will and force to appease political extremists creates political polarization. Political extremists are advocates of unlimited government. They deny the existence of God and the doctrine that people must be self-governed to protect their natural God-given freedoms. Furthermore, they support government interference in children’s gender identity and sexualization, radical racist notions underpinning white supremacy, Black Lives Matters, Project 1619, and critical race theory. Other polarized matters concerning sexuality and sexual conduct have reached the absurd level of denying the difference between men and women. The use of raw will and force are Marxist government practices.

Seventh: Prevent Stacking of Courts – Congress must regulate the process that allowed Ketanji Brown Jackson to ascend to the Supreme Court. Jackson is a federal judge who denies the Declaration of Independence’s God-given natural rights doctrine. She also denies that women and men are biologically different, and biology determines sex. The denial of the existence of God and that people must be self-governed to protect their natural God-given freedom are Marxist notions.

Eight: Parental Rights – Congress must put parents back in charge of parenting and stop excluding parents from conversations between school officials and their children concerning religious, moral, and political matters, especially those about gender, and stop the federal judiciary’s fabricated domestic relations and violence national policy.

Ninth: American First – American government is unique and superior to all other forms of government. Conducting trade with Marxist nations must not displace American Constitutional principles. It is wrong for countries that oppose American principles to receive financial or defense aid or benefit more from trading with us than we do with them.

Tenth: Reform of Judicial Conduct – Congress must own up to its responsibility to protect Americans from violates of separation of powers and separate of federal and state judiciaries by the federal judges.

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