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This is the most important political moment in American history.  Our government and civil society has been taken over by the concentration of undemocratic power in the federal judges. 

Manuel P. Asensio and Congressman Jim Jordan who leads the Republican Party's federal judiciary policies in the House of Representatives  have major policy differences with regards to Vice President Mike Pence's certification and how to stop subversion of justice (and Marxism) in America. 

Manuel is the nation's leading opponent of deliberate and malicious organized federal judicial misconduct. Jim has come down on the side of the judges, and their concentration of power.  Whatever Jim is thinking, he cannot deal subversion of justice in America or  Pence's certification  without first dealing with the enforcement of federal judicial misconduct laws.

The Republican Party's federal judiciary policy leaders control its views on federalism, federal judicial misconduct, the enforcement of federal judicial conduct laws, and the president's power under the US Constitution’s ‘take care of Law” clause. These policies govern  a terrifying amount of undemocratic power.

Jim has no plan to end treasonous policy making at the US Judicial Conference.  Instead of joining Manuel in the arena of public opinion, Jim has elected to oppress information and avoid debate. 

Jim Jordan came to speak in Florida at the Republican Party of Florida's Clay County’s Take Back America BBQ Rally on Saturday, February 5th knowing full well that the War in Gator Nation between Asensio and Kat Cammack is over the Republican Party's federal judiciary policies. 


The truth in politics that if we are to take America back we must first deal with former US Attorney General William P. Barr's deliberate mishandling of one damn thing after another throughout the Trump Administration, and Pence's certification.


Manuel P. Asensio is a candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for Congress in Florida's 3rd Congressional District.  Manuel is running against Kat Cammack, who he has revealed is one of the Republicans working against the resolution of the subversion of justice in America. 

Not only is Kat covering up evidence of corruption in the 2020 presidential election and its certification, but she is also concealing the ways in which the US Judicial Conference tyrannizes and oppresses American citizens.

There is no time for non-sense or legal absurdities. 

It is time for the corruption at the US Judicial Conference to become a public policy debate. A debate that is central to vacating the wrongful certification of the 2020 election.


The US Judicial Conference is where the federal judges joined the Left to steal the election, how the Citizenship question was kept out of the 2020. Census, why President Trump could not stop illegal immigration, and why parents are stripped of their parental rights and left without recourse.


Yet, Kat refuses to acknowledge that the US Judicial Conference is at the center of the Swamp in Washington DC.


Manuel is running to expose the corruption at the US Judicial Conference and his first order of business in Congress will be to destroy and dismantle this judicial machine that powers the Left and the Swamp. 

Asensio’s views on the US Judicial Conference are supported by the leading experts in the area. In fact, virtually every peer reviewed academic paper published by experts on the matter agree that the US Judicial Conference wrongfully and materially impacts important and controversial socio-economic and political matters. These studies show that it is utter nonsense and absurd to believe that US Judicial Conference does not use deliberate and malicious judicial misconduct to control political affairs--even a presidential election.


These experts go as far as showing how and why Congress lacks an understanding of how the US Judicial Conference has used malicious and deliberate judicial misconduct to steal American rights and liberties, and to encroach on the power of the president. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 9.48.43 AM.png

After graduating Wharton and Harvard, Asensio started an investment firm on Wall Street, the media dubbed him the "Demolition Man" and "Attila the Hun" because he was so successful at taking on Wall Street stock frauds. Others saw Asensio as an investor protector of a hero caliber. After exposing more than 50 Wall Street frauds, Mr. Asensio was finally called the nation's Pioneer of Information Arbitrage by the nation’s leading economic think tank. He then turned his powerful attention to the corruption occurring at the US Judicial Conference in Washington DC and founded the Institute of Judicial Conduct, the nation's only independent federal judiciary policy organization. 

All Republicans must unite. Please DONATE our campaign against the subversion of justice.

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