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Manuel P. Asensio and his daughter, Eva Asensio, at Eva's First Communion Ceremony in The Church of Saint Catherine of Siena in New York

My campaign against federal government corruption is founded in the TRUTHS WE KNOW about the way both sides use the federal judges behind our backs to steal our rights and money from us through raw will and force.  This Truth comes from our knowledge and experience about how both sides fabricate federal judiciary policies and use the Law intended to regulate federal judicial conduct to steal from us. The Truth is that this Law has loopholes that wrongfully  give John G. Roberts, Jr. or whomever is the chief justice of the US Supreme Court  private absolute power that he and the 13 judges of the US Court of Appeals use to make deals with both sides behind the backs of the American people.

Under the  Judicial Conduct Act of 1980 this regulatory power was rightfully returned to  any American, Congress, and the Office of the American Presidency. The truth  is that in 1980 Congress made mistakes that  provide the chief justice a greater not lesser opportunity to marshal federal and state judicial corruption into an unconstitutional and undemocratic power. Congress mistakenly transferred its own power and the Constitution’s Take Care of Law power from the president to the chief justice.  I wrote a law that fixes Congress's 40 year-old mistake.

I portrayed Roberts as the Emperor in the "The Emperor's New Clothes" fable in my graphic novel titled "Trump Unites ALL Americans! 

It is Roberts's raw will that changed my daughter, Eva Asensio's life, and ended Eva's religious education and worship, and conservative  beliefs.  Yet I am the first American, the first father, the first parent, who refused to be canceled and tied Roberts together with these things. 

Real Americans have no time for nonsense or absurdities. I had no choice. Its up to the real conservative Republicans candidate for the 118th to do the right thing!

Lets take care of business right here and now in the 118th Congress and move on. 


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