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Meet Kat Cammack's  Patsy, His Name is 

Justin Waters 

Click here to read the transcript showing Justin Waters lying for Kat Cammack, protecting her from debating, and lying about having read Manuel P. Asensio's Anti-Judicial Corruption Act.

Click on the picture of the front page of our letter to the Department of State about Justin Waters' failed legal attempt to remove Manuel P. Asensio from the ballot. The real purpose of Mr. Waters' scheme was to protect Congresswoman Kat Cammack from evidence Mr. Asensio is using to show Cammack is lying about her personal and political ideologies to hide the fact that she is supported by the same RINOs that were complicit in attacking the Office of the American President throughout President Donald J. Trump’s term, for rigging the 2020 presidential election, for fabricating meaningless legal reviews of the election, and for securing the unlawful and unconstitutional certification of the 2020 electoral votes. and the left.  












Watch Justin Waters Live Lying to Protect Congresswoman Kat Cammack and Lying About Manuel P. Asensio's

Anti-Judicial Corruption and

Anti-US Government Treason and Tyranny Act.

Watch Justin Waters live on video covering-up Congresswoman Kat Cammack's lies about the most important elements of her personal and political history, her motives for wanting to serve in Congress, and her conservative politically ideology, and then fabricating the idea that that voters knew Kat Cammack was lying and did not care, and then lying about having read Manuel P. Asensio's two-part Anti-Constitutional Corruption Act and speaking about the Act without having ever seen or read it.  Mr. Waters is Kat Cammack's front and she uses him to protect herself from debating Mr. Asensio.

Below the video is a the transcript of the video that you can read by clicking on the copy front page of  Mr. Waters' lawsuit seeking to have Mr. Asensio removed from the ballot. 

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